Monday, August 2, 2010

Houston, we have a problem...

We have lost lovie. You've read that correctly, we have lost lovie. Now, if you have children, you know what this means and if not, let me explain. is vital for survival around these parts. This is a castastrophe people. Which brings me to the question....why do we as parents push these things upon our children? I'm not saying I forced lovie in her face, but we buy something to comfort them and they become attached so much that losing it means every member of the household will suffer. Now, at least she is old enough to understand that it's gone, but that's in no way easy to explain. We trecked back to the good ole grocery store, aka, the scene of the crime. But nothing, nathan, nada. No lovie to be found. And I don't quite think the staff of the local HEB gets the severity of it all. They simply jotted down my number to "call if we find it" me. Yeah right. I called many times, still, no go. So moving on. We have a back up, but it's not the same lovie, it doesn't have polka dots, it doesn't have brown satin and it doesn't have the shaggy weird fabric that seems to never get clean no matter how many times you've run it through the washer. And does anyone know how hard it is to keep a four year old quiet about the whole ordeal? The Instigator truly lived up to her name by announcing ever so often, timed correctly or incorrectly (not sure), that lovie was in fact, gone. Oh well. Lovie, where ever you are, you will not be forgotten. We sure had some good times with you. *Quick note to the evil person who threw it away - you have no heart and karma is a........* ;)

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