Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh today....

It sure was an interesting day. Have I mentioned that I work mostly from home with my two girls? I do. I work a little bit for my family owned business (insert plug for NHRG, Inc here - IT Consulting) and in the midst of all of that work and raising my girls, I started up a Photography Business and decided to pick up this crafting. Let it be known that I function with too much on my plate, but oh today was a challenge. Since our live in Nanny has left us (ELLEN COME BACK!) I'm left working, alone, with these two crazy cats. A few things that happened:

1) The Insigator, in true instigator fashion, got on my workout equipment and said "Sophia, do some exercise! It makes your body feel good!" - Now I hate to be a gym rat, but let's face it, I've turned into one as the Foursquare mayor of good ole Gold's Gym of Bee Caves. I definitely agree with her on this statement, although I must say an elliptical machine is no place for a 21 month old.

2) Because I have to get some work done while they destroy the house, er, I mean play and do arts and crafts, I cannot always watch them. So when Sophia falls off a chair (kid size chair, I'm not that bad) and busted her eye open and it begins to bleed or when she takes a good spill down the stairs, I believe it's time to call it a day. And on that note I took The Instigator to our local Rolly Pollies for a good ole day camp. Ahhh, thank you Rolly Pollies!

3) Lastly I must say that Kidz Bop 18, again you can own your own CD and Instructional Dance DVD - don't hate, isn't really bad! I found myself singing. However, when you purchase this kid edition of some of the raunchy current hits, be sure you use your listening ears before you belt it out like you're a part of the band. When Katy Perry's California Girls came on I found myself singing "no no" words at the top of my lungs only to realize, hmmm, I bet they aren't saying that. After all, they're what, 12? Just sayin'.

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  1. Awwwwwwww! You just have to hold out 'til preschool starts!!! Lol I wish I could come back... Sorry I left you stranded with all of that madness :P
    I miss being there with them! Especially when my boss begins to explain to us how to "swipe in and swipe out" for the time clock... I'm sure you can imagine what children's jingle popped into my head at that moment! I tend to be reminded of those silly little shows on a very frequent basis. haha I secretly love it, and I definitely watched the Teen Choice Awards on Nick yesterday night... shhhhh :P
    Anyways, I'm soooooo glad you're doing this blog again because I love hearing about all The Instigator and The Silent Assassin are up to! I love and miss you guys so much!!! Give the girlies a big hug and a kiss for me! :)