Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Today's Prayer

Today I pray that peace be with Kayleigh Freeman's family as I hug my girls tightly.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Thank you God

Today, after Mother's Day, I thank God for my two blessings. Well, three really including our angel in Heaven. Everyday I thank God for sending me such beautiful girls. I read stories of families going through such hard times, particularly from my babycenter birth boards, and I just cannot imagine what they're going through. My heart breaks for them. My girls are thriving, healthy and too cute for words and I make sure I hold them tight everyday and thank God for each passing day that I'm blessed to be with them. Today I pray for Kayleigh and Veiyah!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Baby is 3!!! I can't believe it. Is she now a little girl as opposed to a toddler? Yikes.
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh the things they say....

"When I get big I'm going to have wine, beer, gum, peanuts and Biiiiiig Boobies!" These are the things my toddler cannot have or does not have yet, but apparently is getting soon.

1: Wine - Rylee now associates a wine glass with "Mommy". I'm not sure what to think of this, but it cannot be good. After having loaned my body out for 9+ months, I feel I'm owed a glass a wine or two here and there, but the toddler has the memory of an elephant and thinks - wine is to Mommy like bottle is to baby.

2: Beer - Now, this one is not my fault and thank God, otherwise we'd have some AA meetings to look up. This is all Daddy and the association goes to him. Beer is to Daddy like....well you get the drift. We really don't drink like camels.

3: Gum - We do not chew gum that often. I feel like there is a trend here, we do not do this, we do not do that, but really, I'm telling the truth. The child just knows that she's not allowed to have gum, and for obvious reasons. Tiny chicklets found a home in her stomach. Does that stay around for 35 years since she had 5 or just the plain ole 7 years since they were in fact, tiny?!?!!? I simply send the question out into the void.

4: Peanuts: What is it, the American Board of Pediatrics who suggest that children should wait until X age to have these? Whatever it is, she learned she could have them when she gets "big".

5: Big Boobies: I'm blaming this one on nursing the infant. I do not now, nor have I ever, talked about the size of my female anatomy. But apparently she plans to have "big boobies" like Mommy when she gets big. I'll move on and leave it at that.

I'm hoping this isn't a sign for what's to come. I'm liable to find my child hanging out at a bar having wine, beer and bar nuts, followed by gum to mask the smell. And let's just hope the boobs aren't showcased. If you need me, I'll be at church praying.

Nothing on the infant today as I'm in shock.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 1 - Introduction

My day started at 1:50, in the a.m. My girls, Rylee and Sophia, plotted together against sleeping. Ordinarily, it's one or the other, but this particular "night" was like no other. Rylee, going on three, although she'll tell you she's already there, wakes to the poor defenseless cry of her counterpart Sophia. Normally she sleeps through a freight train plowing through her room, what gives? She comes out crying that she woke her up. I think it was a ploy to either get some more milk or watch a movie. Nonetheless, back to bed we march. On to the next room, I greet Sophia with a smile half asleep. We feed, all is well, we're all back to sleep. Sleep? Not with the sound of a lawmower laying next to me. I thought allergy shots helped nasal passages and would prevent the bass level of the snore. Apparently not. Ah but I must sleep, so I close my eyes. It's now 3 a.m. The oldest of the two is back up. Will I sleep tonight? By this point I'm sleep walking. Now it's never been done, but I slept in Rylee's room on the trundle. Let it be said that I praise Serta for making such a nice pillow top mattress. Sleep at much as I can with the blaring glow of the must have princess night light for Christmas. As I drift off to sleep, or think I have, I realize she's back to sleep, praise God I'm going to my own bed. I check the time, 4:45. If I can get to sleep now, I'll get a full 3 hours. My eyes close. 5 a.m. the young one now wants more food. I've been deemed the milk factory. 5:20, done and back in Rylee's room. I left the noisy one behind with the snorer, perhaps they can battle it out. The plot thickens. Both girls have somewhat decided that they're going to be up all night and it's now time to wake up. I think they are little masterminds...don't let age fool you. By this time the cat is moaning for what I assume is food, but somewhere in the house is probably sealing the carpet with a new scent of tape infested vomit. The toddler is yelling at the cat to "BE QUIET", the infant has finally fallen asleep, the snoring is, well relentless and I'm still awake. Rylee and I gather our pillows and head to the master suite. If I can't sleep, I'm getting in on this scheme and am now more than willing to join in on the noise making and wake the snorer. 7:45, evil plan didn't work. The infant now wants a paci. I've created a paci nazi. Plugged it in her mouth, back to sleep. Alarm clock, followed by diaper blowout, trailed by "I WANT SOME CEREAL". I've decided to give up, after all, sleep is highly overrated. With a frog in my throat, grease in my hair and a crick in my neck, I drag myself to the coffee maker and start my "day".....wonder what will happen. Stick around. It may be a bumpy ride.