Thursday, March 3, 2011

More comedy hour with Rylee D.

Oh the questions she asks. Where does she get them? Better yet, how do I answer them? I swear, I thought my mom was a freakin' genius. No way that woman knew all the I know, she may not have, she just answered. And I'm just sayin' that I still ask her these questions, nearly 32 years later, I'm still full of "what if's".....Here goes it:

1) Why do you have hair under your armpits? (for the record, I don't, it was more like a 5 o'clock shadow at the end of the day), but this always makes for good fun when she's singing a song about "Mommy has armpit hair" while you're on the phone with someone. Good thing it was a good friend, but mid sentence it was "WHAT did she just say?"

2) What if you ate 100 dinners? You would get a Faaaaaaat tummy like _______" - Real life names have been blanked out to protect those we love. And want to continue loving. Or want to continue to love us at least. Sheesh I hope that question was only for my ears!

3) Do boys sometimes wear girls underwear? - Obviously my answer was, no, boys wear underwear, girls wear panties. I think the talk about transsexuals is probably a bit too early. ;) Then again, she often takes her shirt off at night with her jammie pants because she wants to "sleep like Daddy".....

This child. Oy. My Mom has said it many times, and I agree, I'm in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More talks with an almost 5 year old....

In the car.

Mommy & Rylee, by-stander, Sophia

Time Period:
After school on the way home.

Scene 1, Take 1:

I need to go get a baby bra.

*Laughing* A WHAT?

A Baby BRA! You get them from HEB.

Uh huh......

Yeah they're little for little people like me and you can get them from HEB. They cover you up under your shirt and you don't show cousins, friends, teachers....

*Really tuning in*....uh huh, a bra, so who told you about this bra?

_______ at school, she has one. She wears it under her shirt so that nobody can see her boobies, that's what they're for. But since I'm little I need a baby bra and you can get them from HEB, so, can we go there and get one?

*Hysterical*....sure sweetie, we'll look next time we go.

Holy mother of goats these are Pre-k'ers! What's in store for me in Kinder? Tampons? Maybe I'll homeschool..... ;)