Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig.....whatever

I think Sophia needs to be a weight loss advocate. The girl will set you straight in no time. I'm cooking dinner the other night, a nice whole wheat spaghetti and turkey meat with homemade sauce and salad mind you, and the child says....."mommy" (as if in disgust) "LOOK at your tummy." About that time Rylee comes around the corner and says, what's wrong with it? I say, it's sticking out. Rylee, now quickly turning in to my little angel who really, genuinely cares about feelings, says as she sticks hers out as far as it goes "like this?" I said, yep, like that. She says "well, maybe just a little". That's a better delivery than Sophia's blow. But Sophia goes on to disagree and say "nope, it's a fat tummy." I mean, what would the child do if I was truly obese? I certainly don't mean that in a derogatory manner towards those who are overweight, but she sure is in tune with when my stomach is "no longer a fat tummy" vs "a fat tummy". Who needs bikini pics of yourself positioned correctly around the house? Who needs a picture of a cow or pig on the fridge to make you steer clear? Nobody when you have Sophia around. So I warn you now, if ever my child is around and says something to you, take it with a grain of salt and wear your big girl (or boy) panties. She's brutal.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Maybe I should join Jenny Craig?

It's been one week over a year since I had my surgery last year, the ectopic pregnancy. I thought it was going to be a very hard month, but I pulled through surprisingly well. Let me get to the point, the other day Rylee, as she randomly does here and there, decides that we're going to "have a brother". Bless her heart, last year when we lost the baby she basically said "that's ok, we can just go get another one". As if they're just on display and for sale next to the peanut butter and jelly. Ah, that one looks good, bathe him, we'll take him! :) Silly girl. Anyway, I've had some stomach issues and pain lately and I've been working from home and seeing my Dr. The other day she says, "did you work from home?" I told her yes, she asked why and I said, well, because my stomach still hurts. She says to me "I know why", I look at her as if she's my Dr. who has just come in for results and she says "it's because you're having a brother!" Man, she's relentless. I say, nope, sorry, but thanks for the diagnosis. So that night we say to Sophia, hey sissy, do you want mommy to have a baby? She says "NO!!!". I laugh and say "sissy wants one, why not?"......she says, and I quote "Because you'll get a biiiiig faaaaaat tummy!". It was just one week ago that she said to me "heeeeey, Mommy, you don't have a fat tummy anymore!" Wow, is there something I'm missing? Has she learned my behaviors? She is so concerned with my weight. No need to post an old bikini pic of myself on the fridge for motivation. No. No need to put out my old "skinny" pants and shorts to remind me to go on that run, no no! Just ask your 3 year old how you look and she'll gladly fill you in. Shoot, good thing that's all I apparently have going on because I'd hate to see what she thinks of my hair or clothes! Guess I should thank her for looking out for me. I'm research weight watchers, jenny craig, or sign up for the Biggest Loser. Silly girl....