Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A few things I've noticed lately...

1) I know all the words to every Disney and Nick/Nick Jr. Show. Don't challenge me. I do. Although if I hear one more round of Do do do do da Dora, I may drive myself into a tree.

2) I never realized how exciting a frog potty could be. From the store to the bathroom, it just got better and better. It's definitely the best $12.99 I've spent in a while. And that's probably because I've cut back on wine.....

3) Kidz Bop and Disney Channel Pandora has become a staple in my car. Don't be jealous. You too can own your own version of Kidz Bop 18 by visiting the website complete with instructional dance DVD. No, I do not work for Kidz Bop, but feel free to send me a check for my mention.

4) All things of pink and glitter have consumed me and our home. Must everything be I love it, I do, I'm as girly as the next "girly girl", but man am I creating myself a few little princesses.

5) When did girl shoe designers decide that $75 with a "free make-up phone" was the going rate for a foot that grows faster than I can think of things to blog about? Moving on. For the record, we own some Twinkle Toes, not the alternative. $42 was still a big budget buster.

6) I've never been so crafty in my life. I have become a knifty knitter and sewer and I feel that the only thing I lack here is a pair of those square little glasses with a beaded chain to hold them up.

Let's just call it a day here. After all, the continuation of the Gusher's commercial as to why the "gusher didn't gush" is on and I've been waiting to see why in fact that is.....

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