Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Conversations with a mini me

I love talking to Sophia. It's sometimes the highlight of my day, well, next to comedy hour provided by Rylee. This afternoon's conversation goes a bit like this:

S - More...(complete with both index fingers touching, she never got the entire hand sign down for "more", after all, who needs the entire hand when index fingers get the job done)...

Me - You want more grapes?

S - Eyaes (from an ealier translation post, you'll remember this is in fact yes, pronounced eyes)

Me - Ok, I'll go get you some more. Would you like more milk?

S - NO!

.....as I head downstairs and peek my head over the half wall.....

S - BYE!!!!

.....excuse me, I guess I wasn't moving fast enough.....

Me - I love you....

S - I uhhhvvv ooohhhh. Byeeeee!!

.....while downstairs.....

S - Mommyyyyyyyyyy....er are oooohhhh???

Me - Downstairs! (was this new information?)

.....coming back with some grapes, I put them down on the coffee table.....

S - All done!

*DOH!* I guess I didn't do enough on the stairmaster this morning and she was looking out for my best interest helping me to shed a few more cals. Much appreciated.

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