Monday, August 16, 2010

No time for A Case of the Monday's

When did I wake up with teenage girls? I realize it's my fault, I plan these things, but man am I tired from their social schedule. And we're only 21 months and 4 1/2!! I'll save you from the "just wait" comment and I will let you know that I know I've got a lot more in store for me. After a whacky last minute decision to venture over to Sea World Saturday without my man, we definitely enjoyed lazy Sunday. (insert thank you to Melissa for braving Sea World with me on the brink of my monthly insanity breakdown) So here we are, Monday has arrived and we're violently shoved into the week. My day starts somewhat like this......wake up, COFFEE, breakfast, dress the octopus, argue with the Instigator over which swimsuit to wear, and head out the door to swim camp. And all week, 9-12 swim camp. I've been told "I'm doing swim team, soccer and gymnastics" this year. Apparently we didn't get the memo. And I guess she doesn't really understand that her Daddy is a Banker. If we're going to introduce him here, I suppose he needs a name too. Let it be known to all that I'm married to a Banker, he's the President and I'm the First Lady, but that's neither here nor there. For the sake of nicknames, we'll call him "The Saver". Thus making me "The Spender".

Moving about our day after drop off we quickly run to the grocery store, after all the frog potty that I was stoked about hasn't been doing it's job, nor have I, so diapers are a must. We follow up that fun with a quick trip to the gym for some running, after all, Momma ate too much junk and muffin top was beginning to try to make an appearance. I figure by this point The Silent Assasin has suffered enough so we'll insert a quick trip to a sporting goods store before we head to our local Barnes and Noble for some fun (and free!) train table time. Why is it that the B&N train table is loads of fun, but ours at home from Santa gets the shaft? The little one had sticky fingers and tried pretty darn hard to take home The Backyardigans gang and Boots from do do do do da Dora. Not to worry, I had a master plot and she handed them back oh so nicely to the lady behind the counter so they could take a "nigh nigh". Disaster avoided. Back to get The Instigator, onto Chick-Fil-A, aka the local germy sess pool, and home after a Silent Assasin meltdown. Today she isn't so silent.

All by 1 pm. If you need me, I'll be in a hot bath. Hey, one can dream, right? Come on Tuesday.....whatcha got for me?

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