Monday, August 9, 2010

Tu tu tu tu ta tutorial.....


I'm so proud, that I had to share. I've been known to be crafty, even going so far as to host an etsy shop (see my store link on the right!)....but for now, I'll share my craft. And by the way, if you'd like to purchase this one, or one in your size, it is $15 plus shipping.

1) Buy a onesie, any size, any color, any brand. For this one I bought a 24 mth Gerber Cotton that I found at Target. Cotton is very easy to work with.

2) Find some ribbon you'd like to sew on it. Or fabric. Again, cotton is easiest. I used a grosgrain green polka dot ribbon.

3) Measure the ribbon or fabric from seam to seam of the onesie. I placed it above where I thought the tummy would be so that it wasn't too low for shorts, skirts or pants. Or you can leave your little princess, or prince, in the onesie alone.

4) Fold over the ends of the ribbon and iron so that the frayed edges will be sewn down as a clean edge. I start with one end, fold it over, iron it so that it stays folded and then pin it immediately to the onesie at one side seam.

5) Continue pinning the ribbon to the onesie all the way across to the next side seam. Make sure you don't pin al the way through to the back, only through the front layer, otherwise it won't feed through your sewing machine.

6) Once everything is pinned down you're ready to sew! Start at one side seam and sew your ribbon down until you've done the whole thing.

7) For the bow, I just hand tied it into a bow, much like your shoe laces and worked with it until it looked the way I wanted. I used the same ribbon, but you could use any ribbon if you'd like some contrast.

8) Again, fold the ends of the ribbon over, I folded twice here unlike above where I folded once for the side seam, and feed it through the sewing machine to create a nice clean end to your ribbon that won't fray in the washer.

9) Now get a regular ole needle and thread to match your ribbon (I used white) and hand sew your bow. I sewed from the back since I didn't want stitching to show on the front of the bow. Feed through enough times that when you pull the ends of the ribbon you cannnot untie the bow.

10) Now you're ready to hand sew your bow on to the onesie. I picked the side I liked and sewed it on, again sewing enough to where I could tug on it and it didn't budge. You want to make sure everything is sturdy enough to go through the washer.

Voila! Cute little onesie. If you have questions, email me at and I'd be happy to answer! Happy sewing!! Please feel free to comment and let me know if you like this tutorial (or if I left something out) and I'll be happy to post more of these!
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