Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What did you say?

Kids should really come with a translation book or manual. These shouldn't be kept for foreign languages. I realize I'm a mother, and this should be ingrained in me, I get it, but sometimes I need some help. Let me just start with a few words and translate for you.

Foofelzs - You know, brown twisted salty little numbers AKA Pretzels.
Foofis - Little golden snacks in the shape of fish, aka, Goldfish.
Cack - While standing at the fridge trying to open the ginormous french doors, one can only assume this means "Milk".
Thithy - Her counterpart, we all know her as The Instigator, but for translation sake, this means, Sissy.

Now if one isn't careful a conversation could go as follows:
"Good morning sweetie! Did you have a good night night?"
- aeys (procounced "ice" or "eyes")
- Points to her eyes and says "eyes!" as if she's discovered this for the first time.
"Yes, those are your eyes, did you have a good night night?"
- aeys!
.......OH! *lightbulb* she means YES!
"Good, I'm glad! Let's go find thithy......"

It's these little things that keep me going sometimes. Conversations with adults are highly overrated. And while I'm thinking about it, this was never an issue with The Instigator. Nope, Rylee came out talking. By 15 months she could demand that she will eat when she wants or not participate in timeout as clear as day. I simply say that I hope you always have a mother nearby when talking to a 20 month old because if not, I wish you the best.


  1. This is PRECIOUS!!!
    You are too cute Alison. Keep it up, it helps me know that there are other mothers out there dealing with their own "would not trade them for the world and I love them with all that I am" crazies:)

  2. Thanks Emily! It sure does help knowing that....sometimes, that's what gets me through. HA!