Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The best day of her life......

As the 4th of July (insert Happy Birthday America here) came and went, we made sure to fill it with fun. Since we decided not to go out and celebrate with a mass of people, we picked up some fireworks from the local "I could go up in flames at any minute" stand. Really though, that would be a heck of a show to see....granted it would be pretty loud and dangerous, I secretly would like to see a fireworks stand go up. Anyhoo, we bought your average sparklers, more like rocket launchers. Since when do sparklers shoot out and go all over the place? Who is behind that one? "Kid friendly" my ass. The Silent Assasin was swinging hers around like a samarai sword and burned her eye. But that didn't stop her. Oh no, she kept on going. The Instigator asked the entire time "when are we going to do the fireworks"....and I replied, this is it! To which she replies, this is the best day of my life. Score. If that was the best day of her life, it'll be easy to keep her happy. We even saved the biggest one for last for our big finish and the little one didn't know what to make of that. She continued to clap some, scream some and ran around in circles. And at the end, she decided to take a grandiose bow. As if she had done all the work?!?!?! Overall, she thought it was better than, well not sliced bread, but maybe pretzels. She's much more of a pretzel monger. And overall, a great holiday with these two crazy towns. I'd say it was a success.

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