Thursday, July 1, 2010

Case and Point

Not even 24 hours after the introduction of The Instigator and The Silent Assasin, we have proof that these names are not only well suited, but absolutely lived up to.

7:45 in the a.m. - We wake and get breakfast going. It's a pretty standard morning, with a little rain. Breakfast is ready and the girls are eating. Since these two cannot sit through a meal like a man cannno sit through the ballet, food typically is wasted, or in a trail leading to who knows where. Now, I've been known to throw out the ole "there are starving kids in China" line....but you know, is China really the right place for this? I just ask. I grew up hearing this, or maybe it was my own ignorant assumption, but I'm thinking and correct me if I'm wrong, that since most of the stuff I see says "made in China" that they're not the people I should refer to. Also, we don't house Hansel and Gretel, so why the food trail? Forget expensive gym memberships, who needs those. You can get your very own workout simply picking up food and toys. Abs from bending, check - back workout from bending, check - biceps/shoulders from lifting and lugging around The Silent Asssasin,'s really just their way of helping me and The Sucker out. After all, OCD anal cleanliness is overruled by these two. Anyway, back to the main point here, which is The Silent Assasin. As breakfast sits and The Instigator and I go about our business, the other quickly and quietly steals the Jimmy Dean Sausage Biscuit sitting at the table. Yes, it's the Instigator's and undoubtedly half the size of her face. Once this is realized pigs fly and well, you know what breaks loose here. Our day has begun......