Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sometimes, you just can't.....

There are some things you just have to deal with in life. Today, aside from the frigid temps, it was a poopy diaper. Well, let me say that this is an everyday occurrence. Sometimes I am lucky enough to not deal with it, you know, on Tuesday/Thursday's when my precious pamper wearing sweet girl goes to the Church preschool. Those are good days. I mean, of course I miss her, but a non-poop day is a good one. After recent events, I also have to insert that I am thankful, in an odd way, that I do have poop days. That means I have a precious little pooper and some don't get that special little treat. However, today, was an extraordinary poop day. I'm sitting at the computer stalking Facebook,er I mean, researching and being productive, and "holy mother of goats what is that smell?" Really I don't have to ask, but I tried to ignore it for a while. After about 5 minutes, it permeated the room. Again, I try to ignore it and continue on with my "research". Finally, the Instigator says to her "sissy, YOU STINK!" About this time the phone is ringing. Of course, because everyone should have to endure that rancid smell while on the phone. My theory, you called my house during this whole thing, you should have to suffer via phone wires right along with me. It's my Mom, she sure as heck is going to hear about this one. Since I just went through surgery, I still cannot lift this little diaper wearing gal, so I get the wipes, the diaper and I set up shop back at the scene of the crime. After all, why let the smell ruin another room in the house. We can always move. I unzip the footed jammies, I carefully open the diaper and my sweet word it's worse than I thought. This will be one day that I can honestly say I'm thankful I'm not pregnant because I surely would have lost my breakfast. I take care of the sewage in her pants, properly dispose of it, let my Mom know it's one of the worst diapers known to man and wrap it up. Perhaps in this 17 degree ridiculous-ness, we'll work on potty training. Nobody should have to discover a diaper like that one, let alone have to be responsible for it. Nobody.


  1. I'm thankful for my poopy days too, even though they are not high on my favorite's list. We too are potty training and I will one day, sadly say, I miss diapers.

  2. You're right Holly, it all seems so great, until that sweet baby smell goes away! And by sweet smell, I'm not referring to poopy diapers. ;)