Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I think I may have to lay the smack down on censorship. I'm all for a good song on the radio, movie on TV, show on Nickelodeon, but when my children cannot distinguish appropriate words or behaviors, I'm thinking it may be a problem. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good windows down, sunglasses on kind of roll around the neighborhood bobbing our heads to Justin Bieber's Boyfriend, after all, Kidz Bop isn't really my cup of tea, but I may have to invest in Salty's Sings Praises 4 after what I've experienced. The Instigator has always been more into "older" movies, and by that I mean Home Alone, The Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, etc. She wasn't really a princess movie junkie like the Silent Assassin is. That girl can buy more princess dolls than can be manufactured. She also enjoys the occasional princess song and/or Disney radio. However, there was a movie made that they love, the life story of none other than Katy Perry. And I must admit, I was completely ready to watch this movie, cried in my cheerios when they had to address the divorce between her and Russell Brand (gimme a break, I was pregnant), and even enjoy her songs now and again, but it's taken a turn for the worst I fear. The girls love to bring movies in the car. Favorite for the last few months has been, da da da daaaaaa, Katy Perry, making this the most seen movie in the car by far. Far exceeding Elmo, Cinderella and Mickey. No less than 50 times I'm sure. I have watched this movie, on a good ole fashion family fun movie Saturday, it was just the once. The girls can recite it though. They know every line. Every song. So you can imagine the surprise I got. It was a casual day, we had run some errands, the movie was on. Again. I usually give them headphones because, well let's be honest, I can recite it now too having just listened to it. But really, I hadn't paid all that much attention to her songs other than I thought "oh that's really cool, she's a Christian girl raised by Protestant Ministers and writes about her own life experiences". Did I mention that she married (and divorced) the comedian/actor Russell Brand? You know the one. The obnoxious long haired fellow. (fellow, how old am I?)...... The plot thickens. So again, we're having a lovely mother daughter day. Sade was playing on my pandora radio, The Innocent was sleeping, a rare car occasion, and the oldest of the two twinkle toes were quietly watching Katy Perry, the Movie. Life is grand. From time to time they'll blurt out a line or two, or a "baby you're a fiiiiiirework".....but this time, this particular day was like no other. Apparently there is a song, and act on stage, where she is wearing a peacock feathered outfit, as are her back up dancers. Now, according to young minds, this song is all about a colorful friendly peacock. But I'm no fool, I know better. I about lost control of the car and veered off the road when I hear the Silent Assassin, who is only 4, start singing "I wanna see your peacock, cock cock, your peacock, cock, cock....." Now I'm not a gambling woman, but I'm willing to be this is not about a peacock. Oy. After I gained my composure from half shock, half hysterics, I casually continued driving. I'd rather not make a huge deal of it, but I may have to start censoring. Ugh.

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