Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New Post, New Potty?

Another year gone. Where does the time go? I wonder what 2012 will bring.....surely more comedy from the girls. We wrapped up the end of the year and went out with a bang for the holidays. But now it's time to move on and today, I'd like to discuss the art of potty training. What is it about the potty that doesn't appeal to this child? Rylee was done with ease shortly after 2. Yet the Silent Assassin, in true Silent Assassin form, finds every nook and cranny of the house to do her business in a pull up then proceed to tell me about it. If you KNOW you have to go, just tell me for Pete sake. (who is Pete and why is it for his sake?).....anyway, I've tried the special singing potty, a potty that looks like a frog (why a frog, is that more interesting to pee on?), I've tried candy, an arsenal of m&m's, gummy bears, hershey's kisses....shoot we've even resorted to promising 100 bones should she decide in a month she will be diaper free. No dice. Let me just say that I'm sick of supporting pampers and their multi billion dollar business of poo catchers. I know she won't get married this way, let's hope, or she may not get married. But o.m.g. let's do this thing! Her allergies prevent us from being able to really attack the numero dos department, I'll spare those details, but surely a little sprinkle in the froggy is possible. So, I simply leave it at if you have any magical mystery tips on how to get this child to give up these poo catchers from hell, please do share. Oh, and let me just note we've done the whole "just put her in panties"'s messy, she doesn't care and if you know how OCD we are, this is just not a good solution, but thanks.

Side note, I bought a Bissell Little Green and I've been in Heaven. It's like cleaning heaven in a little plastic contraption. Two thumbs up Bissell, two thumbs up.

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