Thursday, January 19, 2012

She's a bit high maintenance....

Like mother like daughter has really, taken on an all new meaning. When I had our first daughter, I thought, oh Lord, paybacks are hell. Then, I had another one. Little did I know. I'm a firm believer in karma, or reaping what you sow, or what have you. And man am I getting it back 5 fold. I had plenty of corner moments. You know, "Alison, go stand in the corner!".....and my children don't know the meaning of that. Once, they learned it at Grammy's, but it's funny how it isn't as enforced as a grandchild. So that leaves me to do the parenting. Ho hum. So far this morning Sophia has called me stupid and stuck her tongue out at me. Don't worry, it didn't go unpunished. The Instigator sure tested her limits, but this one has a sharp tongue. She's a little stinker. Which brings me to the actual point of today's entry. Each morning, she steals my coffee. I started making her decaf when I realized she actually likes the stuff. Shoot, it took finals and a few all nighters in college to finally drink a cup. (and when I say a few all nighters, I literally mean, just a few.....maybe I didn't study hard enough). Since then I'm thinking I should either Franchise a Starbucks or at least purchase some stock. And Sophia is quickly following suit. The child loves a latte. She loves it black. She loves it anyway she can take it. I can just see it now, she's 16 in line for her morning coffee before school and she stands there and spouts out the most ridiculous order......"tall, nonfat, soy, half caff, vanilla latte, extra shot".....HA. And Dave thought it was going to be clothes and shoes that were the end of our finances......Lord help me.

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