Thursday, January 12, 2012

We have real life Willy Wonka's

So not only do my children look just like their Daddy, although I so graciously shared my body for 9+ months with each of them, but they also take after him in the candy eating department. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good box of Dots on a rainy day or Milk Duds at the movies, but I certainly don't need to buy it like we have stock in it. Wine, however....well, that's another story. These girls have been known to be dead asleep and hear the rattling of a candy bag or wrapper and sit up and say "I WANT SOME!". Shoot, if you go in and kiss them goodnight after eating a sweet tart they sit up and *sniff sniff* - Did you have a purple sweet tart? WHAT?!?! How do they do that? I have told Dave numerous times that he needs to become a closet candy eater because these girls are going to have some serious dental problems, but he doesn't listen. Dinner time alone has become a series of negotiations worse than selling and buying a home for how many bites we must eat until we get this said candy. I suppose this could be a gift that they have. Maybe we should buy stock in candy or open up our own Wonka Factory? Ohhhh, we could hire some oompa loompa's!! Okay okay, so that's a bit crazy. But surely there is something they can do with this gift. Today I caught Sophia in the dining room while I was making her lunch. I said three times "Sophia, get out of the dining room"....after all there is a massive amount of breakable glass in that room....yet she never budged. Finally I walk in, find her under the table and she's eating chewy jolly ranchers! So now, I have finally achieved the closet candy eater, but just not with the person I told to do so. If ever you find a golden ticket in your chocolate bar, it could be from me. I think that candy making may be our calling. Guess I shouldn't fight it anymore......

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