Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yoooooo Gabba Gabba!

Well, we did it. We attended a kid show. We have been to the Circus before and other various kid type shows, but never a TV show like this one. And I must say, it was fairly entertaining! I was so happy when I heard it was at the Cedar Park Center. GREAT venue. Not many bad seats in the house, if at all. Well, let me back up. At first we were on the floor, but when we realized after 2 numbers that there were some empty seats in the "stadium" area, we took those and could see much better. The show was completely kept our girls entertained and in awe the entire time. Annnnnd I have to be honest and say the highlight for Dave and I was to see Biz Markie pop out and beat box and spin a bit! All of the parents in the audience were going crazy. I'd post a pic or video, but my "old school" iPhone didn't have a flash to pick up the madness. The show went just like it would on TV. So I felt like I knew what was coming next. Sadly, yes, I have seen that much Yo Gabba Gabba. But at least I wasn't the lady wearing the belt, backpack, dangly toy and kid completely decked out in the gear as well. And that wasn't from the show, they showed up in it! I suppose we all do what our kids love though, huh? I'd definitely recommend seeing that show. I've also been told Imagination Movers puts on a good one.....guess that may be next on my list. It was the second show I've seen at the Cedar Park Center, and I believe I may just become a CPC fan on Facebook now to stalk the future events there. Great venue. Great show.

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