Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Lovin.....

I regret ever saying "let's get together this summer when things slow down". Who the heck ever said things slow down in the summer? I should have known better. This is my third summer this way. We're into our 4th week and so far we've done two VBS's (is that plural even correct?!?!) a week off to recoop and cancelled this week's swim camp. Yep, I'm the horrible parent who cancelled swim camp. An all important camp. Oh well. She can swim. But I must say, I'm rather enjoying the Selena Gomez concert they're putting on for me and all of the chalk dust on the floor from their coloring. That's what really matters in life right? I'm adding a new set of books to my "I'm reading" list, not that anyone cares, but if you're like me (and you've read this blog) then you know why I'm reading these books. One is, Making Children Mind without Losing Yours by Dr. Kevin Leman.
And the other one is, Raising Your Spirited Child
by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka.

So far I've only been able to dive into the first, and so far, I'm one guilty parent. I think somewhere in there he says something along the lines of a good ole take it or leave it, and THAT I love. It doesn't make me feel like I've done everything all wrong, but he did provide some suggestions. My point is, what is it about summer that makes these kiddo's lose their minds?!?! I've already lost mine. Maybe I need to find a book that is titled, Making Children Mind after You've Lost Yours......hmmmm, I'm onto something. Can someone in the cuckoo's nest really be a good parent? I suppose time will tell. I mean, as I was just trying to do one simple task this summer, ie: check out these helpful books, the one child that I did have that day took books about Texas history off the shelf, threw it on the floor and refused to pick it up. We had a stand off, and I do mean stand off, to see who A) who could stand there longer or B) who would finally pick the dang book up. Guess who won? Surely there is a chapter on consistency I haven't gotten to yet...... Hoping your summer is going as crazy as mine. Did I mention I'm absolutely, completely and utterly terrified of having this third child? Oy.

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