Monday, April 9, 2012

A Cameo from the nephew....

As I was spending Easter with family yesterday my Brother and Sister-in-law reminded me of a funny Spring Break moment. We all were able to travel to Utah for Spring Break this year, be together and ski. Yes, I'm pregnant, and yes, I skied. OH THE HORROR! I don't follow rules well, what's new. Anyway, at night, if I made it past the hour of 8 pm, we would watch tv or a movie together. This particular night, my oldest nephew aka the pre-teener, went downstairs to watch something he wanted to watch. I had made a little pallet on the floor for Sophia and decided I'd lay down with her as well. But as I'm laying there I think, hmmm, a few pillows sure would be nice. I say "where is an extra pillow?". To which my Brother and SIL reply "oh you can go to our room and get one, we have a lot on the bed." Great. Downstairs I go. I knock on the door since I knew the nephew was in and say "are there any spare pillows in here?" After all, I don't want to just barge in and demand a pillow having been already told they were in fact in there. I'm looking at him lounging on the bed, watching tv, with each arm out to the side in a "t" position and he says matter of factly "not in here". Dumbfounded I thought, hmmm, but he's laying against 6 pillows. S-I-X pillows. At that moment I'm in a bit of shock as to how to proceed and just slowly and quietly shut the door. I go back upstairs empty handed and say, well, I asked him for a pillow and he replied there weren't any in there. It was seriously, one of the funniest pre-teen boy encounters I believe I've had. As he's laying there like a King on the fluffiest SIX pillows I had ever seen and I'm just wishing I had one, I couldn't help but laugh. Apparently, I need to branch out blogging about other kids too because that was hilarious. And for the record, shortly after, I was given a pillow. :)

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