Monday, March 19, 2012

We're having a baby......again

So all of these posts should make sense now, as to why my child continues to be a Jenny Craig advocate. I'm not just getting fat, I'm growing a baby. Again. We have been dying to tell our daughters for a while, but didn't want to go through what we went through last year. Here is my story:

End of January I was in a bootcamp and getting in shape....but had to stop when suddenly....I was going through my early spring cleaning phase and cleaning out closets and rooms. As I came into the bathroom, I discovered a pregnancy test. I had absolutely no reason to take one, but who doesn't love peeing on a stick for fun. I found one opened, but not taken, from who knows when or how long ago. So, curiosity killed the cat and there I went to pee on it. Do you think I expected what was to come? No sir-e-bob. Two days "early" if you know what I mean, two blue lines popped up as fast and as dark as could be. And yes, I ripped open the test to look closer at the paper because I was in disbelief.

However, I was in complete denial and thought, well isn't that interesting....but no way that's possible. No.Way.Possible. We were pretty busy that day, so I just informed the Husband that we need to stop at the store for a test because we needed to see what was going on. And with a shocked panicked look, he had no words. Later that night I had picked up some digital tests, after all, who needs to obsess over lines, no lines, plus signs, no plus signs....I mean it's more confusing than your friggin' taxes. Just give me a straight answer. Pregnant or Not Pregnant. And again, the dang test pops up a "pregnant" within a minute.

The least amount of time it "can show up". WHAT!?!?!!? Pregnant? How? When? What I tell the Husband who then says "well, ok". I guess after the 5th time announcing "babe, I'm pregnant", it loses its luster. And the craziest part? I found out exactly a year from my surgery of the ectopic pregnancy in January 2011. Talk about a sign. Dave says I was on a conference call with God, but failed to buzz him in on it. The beginning was no easy ride, in fact, some days were completely scary. Thus the decision to wait to tell the Instigator, who surely has informed her entire elementary school by now, and the Silent Assassin, who I'm sure will come up with some way to tell everyone.....that is when she realizes or cares about what's about to happen to her baby status. So over our ski trip to Utah last week with our family, we told our daughters. The week before she found out, Rylee came to me one morning and said "Mommy, I talked to God last night and asked for a brother, and he said YES!".....

So here I am.....or was last week. Growing too quickly for my liking, but I guess that's what 5 pregnancies will do to ones body.

And here is our little baby.

So that's it. Here we go again. Think and pray your blue-est thoughts and prayers. I don't want to know the gender, but sadly, I've been outnumbered in my household. So we will know in t-minus 9 weeks!

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