Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our very own Picaso...

My morning came late today. But that's okay because I showered last night to meet my Mom to Mom group for a "late" dinner. I say late because, let's face it, we eat with the elderly. Or at least at the same time they do. I don't mean to say we have groups of elderly come to our house for dinner, but we eat at the same time my Grandparents do. Some of my friends think this is such an odd practice, but hey, when you're used to eating at 5:30 and one day you eat "late" your stomach will let you know "I'm here and I'm not happy with you". Wow, little sidetracking. Back on target. So I woke up at 7:45 thinking I'm going to be late and today is "Easter" day at school! I had to get the girls fed, dressed and in the car in t-minus 45. No bueno. I start my rushing around, and again remembering that I showered the night before so I can pull off the just-got-dressed-today-no-bathing look. As soon as I am up to brush my teeth The Instigator comes in bursting into tears about how "sissy took her pen and put it in my hair and pulled my hair!" Now, one can only wonder at this point, how did this happen? Well, let me fill you in. They got new pads and pens yesterday at Office Max. You know, the type of purchase that is the "YES YOU CAN HAVE IT JUST BEHAVE!" All day yesterday they used their colored gel pens to color and draw me pretty pictures and pictures for a friend who just had a baby. Sweet, right? All fine and dandy until the pens miraculously made their way into their bedroom. As I walk in, fearing what I might find and assessing the damage, I find that Sophia's white sheets have been "decorated" with the pink gel pen. I counted to 3, or maybe 10, and decided at this moment, it wasn't worth it to change. However, I did have a lecture ready. I told the Instigator it was her fault for allowing these pens into the room soley for sleeping purposes and I informed the Silent Assasin who was in rare form that it was her fault for coloring somewhere besides on paper only. After all, we have discussed where pens, markers, crayons or any other form of ink belong. PAPER ONLY. Surely this was a slip, surely my girls know better than to paint a masterpiece on their beds? One could only hope, right? So as I'm lecturing they both quickly get into their respective beds and hide under the covers. The scene of the crime. At least I can say that in reading this, I have found humor in it, and perhaps I should take a picture of it to share later, you know, to go along with the sheets of stickers that I found stuck to the wall when Rylee was about this age......good fun!

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