Monday, April 25, 2011

Misconceptions about Easter...

I realize it is my duty, along with the Church, to teach our children about Easter and God. However, there are a few things that were taught correctly, yet translated, well, a little bit like this.....

Me - Rylee, do you know the meaning of Easter?
R - Yeah, Easter bunnies and candy!
Me - Nope, do you remember what Christmas is?
R - Yes, Jesus was born.
Me - YES! Well, he died and on Easter he came back!!
R - Yeah, he died from those Kidney Stones!

Let me make note that I did correct this one. But her translation was that since they stoned him, and Daddy had kidney's all the same, right? Another time, another day....

R - Did you know Jesus is going to rise again?
Me - Yes! I sure do!
R - Yep! He'll be at Church on Sunday! I can't wait to see and meet him!

Again, I explained that while it would be great to in fact meet the man, I don't quite think we will see him as we see each other. Although I sure do have some questions....Jesus, if you're reading this, you can call me at 923....well, you probably have my digits.

Our Easter was certainly fun, entertaining and good! Sophia ate four eggs of jelly beans and "beans" (aka M&M's) before the hour of 8 am. I entered their room to find her sitting in bed, with the basket, screaming about what the Easter bunny brought her while chewing M&M's and with a chocolate smile....gotta love it. Rylee of course stole all of the Easter eggs that the "Easter bunny" left for them. In true older sister fashion of course. Ahhh "holidays"....creating memories to talk about at the Thanksgiving dinner table for years to come......

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