Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh how I wish this were true...

Today as we were driving home in the car Rylee started in on her 20 questions. I always thought my Mom was the smartest lady on the face of the earth, and maybe she really is, but I now see how and why my Mom always had the right answer. Sometimes it's hard to keep answering or find the "right" answer. I mean really, these questions don't stop. The child will talk an entire hour car ride if she could. Nonstop. I tune in and out sometimes, but today was funny. As we're turning into our neighborhood she says "I think Daddy needs a new car".....I said, well, Daddy would probably like a new car, but cars cost money and we need more of it to get him a new car. (let me note that 1 - I just got a new car a year ago, and his card is paid off, so it's nice to have one car payment and 2- this child has vowed to follow in his footsteps and become a Banker.) after I say we need more money for a new car she says to me, as if I was stupid or something with her most sarcastic voice "well.....I know where to get money, that's what banks are for".....SILLY ME! What was I thinking? After all we had just stopped by two before venturing home. Now, I have asked The Saver to bring home some money before, but he never listens. I guess Rylee just jumped on that bandwagon with me. After all, I think she's on to something! I love their innocence....but I honestly had no idea where to begin to explain that the money in the banks, was not all ours to just have. These conversations get better and better each time.....


  1. My son is just as "whippersnappery" goodness, he's hysterical. Love it.

  2. It's the best isn't it! Keeps me entertained.