Saturday, December 4, 2010

Seriously, Jerry Seinfeld, where are you?

This child is beyond funny. Shoot, I'm sure they all are. But this is mine, so I have to brag. And after all, this is my blog. I've been searching for boots for Rylee. We're going skiing in February so I've been stocking up on things the girls need. I have a running tally of things I need for them and things I already have for me. I grew up skiing, so I'm pretty stoked they're going to get the chance, at least Rylee. Anyway, neither here nor there. My point is, I've been looking for slash purchasing boots for these crazy cats. I found a sweet little pink pair of boots for Sophia complete with two little pom pons dangling from them (ok, ok, but for a 2 year old, it's pretty cute) and I have yet to find some for The Instigator. Now, I had had my eye on some rain boots. I know they're not traditional snow boots, so she is getting another pair for Christmas, but these were so cute I couldn't pass them up. I really should start posting pictures with my blog....I mean, I am a photographer. So they're pink, black and white, hard to describe type boots, but perfect for rain, snow and your basic pettiskirt. Yeah you photogs know what I'm talking about. Seriously off track. So the other night she's wearing them. Giving them a whirl, yet takes them off somewhere between the back door and her room. I find them mid entry way and see a ginormous black scuff on the wall. I say to her "Rylee, did you throw your boots right here"...NO! "Rylee, did you throw your boots right here?"....NO! Daddy did it! "Rylee, Daddy wouldn't put the boots here, are you lying to me?"......*stops, thinks, looks around to find Daddy and sees that she's in the clear - whew, he's outside*....."DADDY DID IT!" - Little stinker. I caught her red handed and she still sold him out. After a chat, I got the truth, held my laughter in and went about my business. Truth be told I did laugh later. Man I'm getting it back so bad.......

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