Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More talks with Sophia....

After a long morning at Mom-to-Mom, we ventured over to the neighborhood pizza pie place, complete with playscape. The theory is that they'll be so worn out afterward that I'll have an afternoon of peace. Ha, peace. You read that correctly. Fun thought though, huh? Well, usually they're beyond tired and it backfires. Sort of like today. As we were showing up I had to wake up Sophia. I should have seen the red flags go up, but somehow in my life, I always tend to ignore those flags. Here goes.....

Me - You are a tired girl, are you sleepy?
Sophia - NO!
Me - Did you have fun playing?
Sophia - NO!
Me - Are you ready to go home?
Sophia - NO!!!!!
Me - Do you only want to say No?
Sophia - YES!!!!!

Smarten than the average bear. I thought for sure that one would be a no too, after all, she was on a roll. Guess I was mistaken. What happened? The child turned two on the 7th and though to herself, hmmmm, 2.....I best start acting my age. Oh give me strength!!! How will I make it through.....t-minus 16 more years of drama. Although, I can't even say it will end. I certainly was super dramatic until 25 when my Mother gave me the ole "Alison, I just don't know what else to do with you".....I reap what I sow. I think we need to move to NYC or LA and enroll in acting classes because these girls would certainly make it big. Hmmmm, maybe I'm onto something!

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