Monday, October 4, 2010

Dr's Visits....Must they be so terrible?

I think the title says it all. I dread going to a Doctor for the girls like I dread getting the flu. I'm also hoping this isn't just me. I mean, sure, no Mom wants to take their kiddo's to get shots, but we seem to frequent the Dermatologist and Allergist more than we have to get the dreaded shots. Today was a repeat visit for a skin issue for The Instigator, and along the way I decided to drop off The Silent Assassin! Thank goodness because taking both of them is my worst nightmare. Let me preface this by saying that I have taken both to this Doctor before, however, it will never happen again. This office is a dual Dermo and Allergist in one. You walk in to the fancy schmancy Mediterranean style building through their fancy schmancy wrought iron doors and it's all white. White? I halfway feel like I'm about to be strapped down in a mental jacket (although that wouldn't be so bad after the visit) and halfway feel like I left Austin and entered California. Did I mention this place also does Cosmetic Surgery? I think you have to have had something done before you're hired. And I don't say that to knock it, after all my girls aren't the same (you know what I mean), but I mention it because I feel like I have to wear my most trendy outfit, purse and accessories just to go to the appointment......and let me insert this note - I don't have many of these "trendy" items....I'm a Mom. Anyway, the first time we visited this white room of nightmares, my children wrote on the white leather couch with a pen. I simply told the woman at the desk who then looked at me as if I came into her own house and let my kids run wild with markers throughout. Come on lady, use a wipe. So we find ourselves there again today and it was the the recurring nightmare. Running around, from one chair to the next, multiple potty trips (including a numero dos) and pulling the Doctors gloves from the boxes and trying them all on. Oh, and apparently they pay to print pamphlets as writing material for my children. How nice of them! Why......why do these appointments wreak havoc on my sanity?

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