Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I swear I don't drink that much.....

Wednesday's are our "Church" days. I go to Mom to Mom and the girls go to their respective rooms to learn about the Bible, sing songs, color and overall, have a good time. We're there for 2 hours so that I can listen to the materials and attend my small group. Basically a group of Moms like me who are going through the same things. I love it. It's been a good thing. So today we go, running late as usual. Today I'm just glad I got a bath. I admit that sometimes we're in such a rush to get up, changed, dressed, fed, etc, that bath takes a backseat. Yep, I'm the stinky kid in class. Let's keep that between us though. I'm sure all those cute Moms (refer to yesterday's post) surely have time to bathe. At least today, I bathed, just didn't make it with makeup. Again, neither here nor there. So after my group is over and the two hours have flown by faster than the first year of a baby's life, I go pick up my crazy cats. First stop, Sophia's room. She did well and had a great time. Wonderful! On to Rylee's room. She shows me a plant she's planted, aka a pot of dirt that we will watch bloom next spring, and a picture she colored and I'm on my way. Halfway down the hall and on my way to leave, a sweet young girl says "she's hilarious". I say "she's crazy!" She keeps laughing and says to me "Today we learned the importance of healthy foods" (as Rylee chews her 2nd or perhaps 3rd tootsie roll....before lunch.....*gasp*....I know I'm that Mom)......and I say, oh really that's cool, she needs that talk! I guess I've left healthy eating habits lecture for someone else because our house is full of candy. And her teeth will probably fall out. I'm rambling. So this girl then proceeds to tell me "yep, we learned about healthy foods and cut them out of a magazine and glued them to a piece of paper". Again, I'm very proud and happy they did this. She's learned a ton, thank you Mom to Mom people......but then, as I'm glowing in my proud moment she says.....and again I quote "she even found a picture of a bottle of wine and said I HAVE to put this one on my paper because MY Mom LOVES wine!" face......heart melting.....bowing head.....tail between my legs......(remember, I'm in a Church).......I say "I swear I don't drink THAT much." DOH! Fish is to water like Mommy is to wine. Oh man......this is going to be a long 18 years.

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