Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mom vs. Dad

I've been a little MIA with a sick hubby, but not to worry, our trials and tribulations are back in full effect.....that is to say they ever stopped?

As I've been playing nurse to my husband lately and two sick little girls, I've been doing a lot of running around and thinking. I'm standing in our dining room the other day folding laundry, because let's face it, you get a formal dining room and use it what, 5 days out of the year? We might use it more only because my family lives nearby and there are a lot of us. But most of the year, let's say probably 355 days, it's our laundry room overflow area. After all, it's much easier to go grab a pair of PJ's off of the table than to walk that extra 20 feet to the girls' dresser. That's it, you found me out, my dirty little secret. I'm Alison, I'm OCD about cleanliness yet my dining room table is an extension of my closet most days. I'm so ashamed....well, not really, but doesn't that feel good to admit. I should have titled this the confessions post. Anyway, back to my point. Mom vs. Dad. I'm standing there and the hubby, aka The Saver, comes in and asks what he can help with. I give him some jammies and say, please put these on Sophia and wished him all the luck in the world. Jammie time for me means getting in my pre-workout by chasing her around the house and trying to rope her in. Once I get my grip on her I have approximately 5 seconds to whip the top and bottoms on before the octopus effect. You know, while trying to put an arm in one hole the other one comes out or you get a massive kick in the gut somehow from a flying limb. The kind that knocks your breath out and you're left thinking, where the H E double hockey sticks did that come from? Anyway, he's off and I'm laughing. After all, I'd rather be in the laundry, er, dining room folding laundry than chasing after the Silent Assassin for jammie time. As I begin to smirk he walks back in. What? WHAT? He's back and I start to boil thinking he didn't complete the task at hand. So I ask, what? And he says "what" back. Then he says "what's so hard about that". DOH! He walked in and simply says to her "it's jammie time", she lays on the floor and in that same 5 seconds that I have before the beast is unleashed, they're done. Why. Just.......why. *sigh*

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