Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Goodbye give me, hello respect

So, I've been saying for far too long now a bunch of "next time's" and "from now on's" and it has gotten me no where. Overall, we have some pretty good kiddos. Perhaps, however, with a little bit too much of a sense of entitlement. In this day of technology, I'm all for them learning and playing games, and so far we don't have an addiction, but the give me's and I want's are out of control. We found ourselves on a road trip quite some time ago with them and I had packed everything. Nabis. Iphones. DS's. Leapsters. Vreaders. Ipads. Crayons. Books. You name it, it was there. And one hour into the trip, with all of these things, plus an in car DVD player these children had the audacity to say......are you ready? "I'm BORED!" I think I lost it and channeled my parents and shouted "You don't KNOW bored! When I was your age I looked out the window! I played the ABC game!", to which of course I had to explain this said ABC game. Now, like I said this was some time ago, so my fault for letting it get to this point, and for giving giving giving. But the buck stops here and now. Summer 2013. Camp DeStefano commenced. So, what better than chores. They've been doing them, but not regularly and I wasn't consistent. My biggest fail. Consistency. I got myself on pinterest, oh pinterest, my love hate relationship....and I searched "chore charts". Sure, I could go print some easy ones, but then I'd have to continue printing each week and let's be honest, I went into labor saving a tree, so I thought there has to be some way to just re-use it each week. I didn't like all the store bought ones because they don't always fit our needs. So tada! I made one. Pinterest inspired me and off to Michael's I went. Here it is and what you need, nothing fancy, but fun.

FAMILY letters complete with hooks:

4 Burlap bags and sparkly letters. One bag for To Do and one bag for Complete, for each girl:

One excited chore go'er to glue on letters:

And the finished product desperately seeking some chores to insert in each letter bag:

And voila! Now the Banker and I need to come up with the age appropriate chores for them and the rewards. He recently spoke to the first grade classes about banking and what he does. He mentioned many of the kids were earning a lot of money. So with one obsessed with Justice clothing and one who loves Starbucks, yes I said Starbucks, these girls are going to learn the value of a dollar! And I will follow in my oh so wise Sister-in-law's footsteps. They will pay me if I have to do their chores. In her words "I should be paid for my time". GENIUS. Fingers crossed, wish us luck.

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