Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And so it begins....

Perhaps I should rename the Instigator to The Sass-master. It's a name I'm thinking of copyrighting. We recently spent a fun day out with the girls. On our way home we stopped into the gas station for something. As Dave runs in, I hear an old familiar tune. So naturally, I pump up the volume. Now, the girls aren't really digging it like I am, but that's ok. At least for the moment it's not Kidz Bop. Dave returned to the car to get in on the action. He's just as thrilled as I am. And I want to say it's Journey playing. Who wouldn't jam to Journey? It really is moot. As we're pulling out I hear an awesome drum solo and decide that I too, need to have my own drum solo using my hands and steering wheel. You just sometimes have to make do. As I wrap up my totally awesome solo my Sass-master, ahem Rylee, rolls her eyes at me and says, and I quote "Ummmm, embarrassing!!!!" Embarrassing I say? You don't KNOW embarrassing! I proceeded to tell her that if she thought that was bad, and at only 5, she has a lifetime of problems ahead of her and that I will make a point to bring back the running man and roger rabbit at her 6th grade dance if she calls me embarrassing again. Now I don't really mean that, I mean, I'd much rather bring back the funky chicken. I kid, I kid. I wouldn't do that to my girls, but it sure was fun to say right back to the sass-master herself.

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